iBroker: Alerts


iBroker can automatically generate text messages (SMS) and emai alerts to customers when their policies approaches expiry or have expired. Email alert are generated with renewal letters as attachment. These are categorized as:

  • Notifications: Text/email alert when a policy approach expiry e.g. one month ahead
  • Warnings: Text/email alert when a policy approach expiry e.g. one day before expiry
  • Reminder: Text/email alert when a policy has already expired e.g. one week after expiry

This complements Reports Module's Renewal Letters which are manually generated and posted to customers or Renewal List and Lapsed Policies which are printed for manual phone calls to your key customers follow-up. Hence you can make sure most of your customers are reminded to renew in time and none of your customer is left unaware of policy expiry.

Last Updated: Sunday, 01 May, 2011

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