iBroker: Features


  • Record search forms with options to locate easily a record of interest
  • Simplified record navigation that make intuitive link between related records like customer, policy, invoice, receipt data, etc
  • Easy-to-use and self-guiding data entry screens
  • Well formatted printable risk-notes, credit notes, invoices, receipts, statements, and renewal letters for the data entered
  • Built-in user-generated summary reports for management as well as commissioner of insurance
  • Co-insurance schedule management and its associated payments posted to relevant insurer summaries automatically
  • Configurable security roles assignable to users like underwriter, cashier, manager, accountant and system administrator
  • Business data (i.e. customers, invoices, receipts, credit notes and refunds) may be continually and automatically synchronized with QuickBooks (accounting package), which may be used to manage additional operational accounting details (like fuel, salaries, utility bills) and produce complete accounting reports (like balance sheet, trial balance, profit and loss, etc) without entering business data twice
  • Data in iBroker is exportable to csv, excel, pdf and xml formats. Makes data in iBroker extractable by end-users into office productivity packages like Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Data used by InfoWise iBroker is stored in a relational database including MySQL (extensively-tested), SQL Server, PostgreSQL and Oracle. Thus technical staff can use other reporting package to summarise data in any preferable format.
  • Built-in data backup and restore utilities for off-the-server storage
  • Automatic Renewal Alerts: the system sends automatically generated renewal notifications for expiring policies and renewal reminders for lapsed policies as text messages (SMS) and emails (with renewal letters as attachments)
  • Since the package has been developed from ground-up by InfoWise, it is open for future enhancement, customization and integration into other systems. We are constantly updating the system to match the current local insurance practice
Last Updated: Tuesday, 03 May, 2011

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